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Aboriginal Psychology-Study of the Mind

Keyword Meanings Of 52 Aboriginal Tarot Cards                                           

Aboriginal Cosmology

Aboriginal University ©

Dr Ali Muhammad ©

BOLOK - Earths First Black Messiah

NOTE: Use these general meanings to get an idea of what your 3 main cards mean

Birth aka Solar Card

Planetary Ruler aka Ancestor Card

Planetary Number aka Master Key Card

Formula (55-(2X Birth Month + Birth Day) = Birth Card


  Element Water aka Hearts


1-Ace – Hun – SUN -Oshala

Functional: The Desire for Love, The Search for Self

Dysfunctional: Selfish Love


2 - Two  - Ka – MOON - Oshun

Functional: The Lovers and Compassionate Partners Business and Love Together

Dysfunctional: Over-dependent upon a love partner


3 - Three – Ox – MERCURY - Eshu

Functional: Creativity and Variety in Love- Polygamy multiple Partners in marriage relationship 

Dysfunctional: Uncertainty in Love Artistic Talents, Love Triangles


4 - Four – Kan – JUPITER - Obatala

Functional: Satisfaction and security in Love, The Family Card

Dysfunctional: Too much comfortability in love relationships, being positive about dysfunction


5- Five – Ho – URANUS - Shango

Functional: Seeking Freedom and Adventure in Love, 

Dysfunctional: The Divorce Card


6- Six – Wak VENUS - Yemaja

Functional: Balance in Love, Justice in Love, 

Dysfunctional: Bad Karma in Love relationships, cyclical problems unresolved, no Justice or set rules and regulations to guide relationships


7- Seven – Wok – NEPTUNE - Olokun

Functional: Unconditional Love Magic & Faith in Relationships 

Dysfunctional: Bad emotional attitudes, disappointment in relationships, Deceptive Love and deception in love relationships, affairs and secret adulterous actions


8- Eight – Waxak – SATURN - Babalau Aye

Functional: Powerful Relationships, Power Charm and influence with People

Dysfunctional: Abuse of Power in relationships, Emotional abuser, Cold heart


9- Nine – Bolon – MARS - Ogun

Functional: Universal Love, Powerful intimacy

Dysfunctional: The End of a Relationship


10- Ten – Lahun – PLUTO - Oximary

Functional: Success and Public Love, Success with Groups of People and Arts

Dysfunctional: Public Exposure of relationship Issues


Bolok Jack 11 Eleven – SIRIUS C - Olofi

Functional: The Most Charming Creative Love Sacrifice for others you Love, 

Dysfunctional: The Player, a Broken Heart via Sacrifice for othersLahka


Queen 12 Twelve SIRIUS A - Olorun

Functional: The Marriage and Mother Card Sensuality, Pleasures, Sex

Dysfunction: Overdoing it, Sex, Giving to others, Pampering


Oxlahun King 13 Thirteen – SIRIUS B - Olodumare

Functional: The Father & Husband Card, Authority in Love and Family

Dysfunctional: Abuse of Emotional Power, Voluptuary, Abuse of Authority via Sex



                                                 Element Air aka Clubs


14-Ace – Hun - SUN 

Functional: Sacred Knowledge, The Quest for Knowledge, Seeking a Soul Mate

Dysfunctional: Knowledge hog, secret information, inordinate desire to know things


15 - Two  - Ka – MOON

Functional: Shared Ideas and Communication in Partnership, 

Dysfunctional: The fearful mind


16- Three – Ox – MERCURY

Functional: Mental Creativity and Communication, Writing, 

Dysfunctional: Mental Uncertainty


17 - Four – Kan – JUPITER

Functional: The Secure and Organized Mind, 

Dysfunctional: Mental rigidity


18- Five – Ho – URANUS

Functional: The Adventurous Innovative Mind/Communicator, The Mental Pioneer 

Dysfunctional: Restless changing Mind/Communication, lack of secure plans


19- Six – Wak – VENUS

Functional: Balanced Speech and thinking, The Missionary Card, Intuition, Responsibility to what we speak, 

Dysfunctional: Reaping the karma of what you speak, Karmic Communication- Thinking Speech, selfish thoughts and speech


20- Seven – Wok – NEPTUNE

Functional: Faithful Mind, Spiritual Communications Occult thinking Mental Magic

Dysfunctional: Negative dysfunctional thought or Speech,


21- Eight – Waxak – SATURN

Functional: Focused and strong mental powers and speech, meticulous analyzer, debater, sound authoritative mind speech thinking

Dysfunctional: Fixed/Rigid thought/thinker and speech/speaker, Stubborn mind thoughts communications/ communicator


22- Nine – Bolon – MARS

Functional: Universal knowledge and speech, Active communication, 

Dysfunctional: Arguments and ending communications and thinking


23- Ten – Lahun – PLUTO

Functional: Mental Success Public Speech, The teacher card

Dysfunctional: Destructive Public Speech, destructive exposure via the public


24- Bolok Jack 11 Eleven – SIRIUS C

Functional: The young genius, Creative & Smooth communicator, 

Dysfunctional: deceptive speech/speaker, the liar, gossiper


25 - Lahka Queen 12 Twelve  - SIRIUS A

Functional: The Mother of Intuition Service through knowledge or speech

Dysfunctional: Gossiper, Talking behind someone’s back, Speaking without facts


26 - Oxlahun King 13 Thirteen – SIRIUS B

Functional: The Master and Authority of Knowledge and Communications, Leadership via knowledge. The Ultimate teacher

Dysfunctional: The Master Manipulator, Abuse of the mind communications from an Authority Figure



                                  Element - Earth aka Diamonds


27-Ace – Hun SUN

Functional: Desire for Value and possessions, the financial Achiever, a great financial idea

Dysfunctional: Money hungry, selfishness in finances


28 - Two  - Ka – MOON

Functional: Cooperation through business, the business assistant

Dysfunctional: to codependent on finances of others


29 - Three – Ox – MERCURY

Functional: Financial Creativity, Author on Finances

Dysfunctional: Financial uncertainty or worry. Paper-writing about debts bills


30 - Four – Kan JUPITER

Functional: Financial Security through hard work and stability, Financial Organizer

Dysfunctional: rigidity in regards to possessions and money. Lack of flexibility in making money


31- Five – Ho – URANUS

Functional: Innovative Financier, Change in values and possessions, the adventurous financier, a business change or move

Dysfunctional: lack of Financial Plans, sudden unpredictable shifts in; possessions and money

32- Six – Wak – VENUS

Functional: justice in values and possessions, redistribution of money or values, Dysfunctional: Selfish and cheap, karmic value based or financial debts-bills owed coming due

33- Seven – Wok – NEPTUNE

Functional: The Magical money card or millionaires card, Faith in finances, Charity

Dysfunctional: bad attitudes about money or values, deception about money and possessions


34- Eight – Waxak – SATURN

Functional: The Fame card though money and values, Power in finance or values

Dysfunctional: Abuse of economic Authority, rigidity in Finance, Over-concern with finance and possessions


35- Nine – Bolon – MARS

Functional: Universal values, completion of a money deal, sale of property

Dysfunctional: Financial Loss, Property loss


36- Ten – Lahun – PLUTO

Functional: The blessed money card financial success and rewards, public success in money and possessions

Dysfunctional: Destructive actions with money and property over abundance of money and property


37 - Bolok Jack 11 Eleven – SIRIUS C

Functional: Financial creativity, value based creativity, the salesman, innovativeness and ingenuity in money possessions and values, the investor

Dysfunctional: The Financial Charlatan, The gambler, someone stealing or manipulating money from you


38 - Lahka Queen 12 Twelve – SIRIUS A

Functional: The Mother of higher values and possessions,  Assistance with Financial Planning, organizer of possessions

Dysfunctional: the gold digger, excessive spending of money, excessive desire for possessions


39 - Oxlahun King 13 Thirteen – SIRIUS BFunctional: The Master of Money and possessions, Authority in Finance and ValuesDysfunctional: Abuse of Money Power and or power with possessions



                                     Element Fire aka Spades


40 -Ace – Hun SUN

Functional: Starting new work, ambitious businessperson, Esoteric Mysteries initiation, death

Dysfunctional: death, selfish worker


41 - Two  - Ka – MOON

Functional: Friendship Card, Business partnerships at work, group partnerships and collaboration, unexpected partner in work business

Dysfunctional: Too dependent upon a partner in work, giving away will power to a partner or close friends


42 - Three – Ox – MERCURY

Functional: Creative work and labor, Creativity in work and Health, The Artist Card

Dysfunctional: Uncertainty in work and health


43 - Four – Kan – JUPITER

Functional: The worker card , security through a stable job

Dysfunctional: Rigidity in work, non-entrepreneurial tendencies


44- Five – Ho – URANUS

Functional: The Traveler, the pioneer, A Move to a new job/labor

Dysfunctional: the restless mover, unplanned change in living arrangement, restless living


45- Six – Wak – VENUS

Functional: The Karma card Justice and responsibility in work and health, destiny fulfilled, 

Dysfunctional: meeting with karmic fate for things done in the past, fate versus destiny


46- Seven – Wok – NEPTUNE

Functional: Faith in labor, magic occult practices

Dysfunctional: Health problems, , the drug dealer, drugs


47- Eight – Waxak – SATURN

Functional:  The Super worker, power accomplished though work organization structure, government work, Charm in will power, Job production

Dysfunctional: abuse of power in work, enforcing your will upon others


48- Nine – Bolon – MARS

Functional: The perfect work, Universal Will, completion of work related tasks

Dysfunctional: death, end of work, loss of job, severe health problems


49- Ten – Lahun – PLUTO

Functional: Successful work in the public and with groups 

Dysfunctional: The Over-Doer


50 - Bolok Jack 11 Eleven  - SIRIUS C

Functional: The Entrepreneur, Creative work labor, Creative will, the spiritual initiate, 

Dysfunctional: The gambler the thief or stealing the deceiver money grabber


51 - Lahka Queen 12 Twelve   - SIRIUS A

Functional: The Feminine organizer, Self-Mastery through service, ultimate woman

Dysfunctional: abuse of service, abuse of feminine power and charm, allowing others to use you


52 - Oxlahun King 13 Thirteen – SIRIUS B

Functional: The Ultimate Master of any field or endeavor, Final Authority, Powerful willpower, the expert

Dysfunctional: abuse of power, fixed will


Aboriginal Cosmology

Aboriginal University ©

Dr Ali Muhammad ©

Identifying Attributes


Methodology for Reading The Future and The Cultural Manipulation of Time-23 pages

Will Invocation Formulas

NOTE: Use the following procedures along with Dr Ali’s Cosmology Book with Spreads Charts and Formulas to Execute. This short writing is ONLY 23 pages READ EVERY WORD!

The following will list all of the XI tarot Cards and the formula for finding them and how to locate them on the Quadrate Plates for accurate reading

Sun Card-Birth Card aka Magnetic Card – The Pure Self
Formula for finding Birth card

55-(2 X # Of Your Birth Month + the day)
example: June 16th card is 55 –( 2 X 6 + 16) = 55 – ( 28)= 27

The cards go from Aces of Hearts to King Of Spades

The Hearts:
Ace of Hearts=1- King of Hearts=13
Ace of Clubs=14- King of Clubs =26
Ace of Diamonds =27 – King of Diamonds =39
Ace of Spades = 40 – King Of Spades =52

So the Birth Card for June 16th is an Ace of Diamonds or in our System Hun Kab or Sun - Element Earth (1 Earth) in the Xi Ancestral System or Oshala in West African System.

Throughout this interpretation guide we will use the playing card symbols and names to allow ease of understanding yet the 52-card system used in ‘games’ is actually the Olmec-Mayan Tzol-kin calendar (Properly Pronounced Tzulu-kin or Dog Star calendar).

Moon Card aka Spark-Synastry Card – your support and or emotional fears that must be overcome. This card is the card that precedes the birth card. It is to the right of the birth card on the life Spread.

So the Moon Card for the Ace of Diamonds is the Ace of Hearts.

Planetary Ruler – How you use the power and pure self of the birth card/magnetic card in this world.
The planetary ruler card is found by Finding the Birth Polarity also known as Zodiac Sign of the Person, Nation, or event. Here is a list of Planets that rules polarities aka Zodiac Signs

Sun = Leo
Moon = Cancer
Mercury = Gemini, Virgo
Venus = Taurus, Libra
Earth = Sirius
Mars = Scorpio
Jupiter = Sagittarius, Pisces
Saturn = Capricorn, Aquarius
Uranus = Aquarius
Neptune = Pisces
Pluto = Aries

The Planetary ruler card for the June 16th birthdate is the Queen of Diamonds

Planetary Number Card – What you must master to ignite the birth and planetary ruler cards

The planetary number card is found by the date of the birthday. The number 16 needs to be added in what we call the nth function adding 1 + 6, which equals 7. We then go to the Neptune position since Neptune/Olokun rules 7. The card is the 5 of Diamonds for June 16th.

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